How to Register A New Account & Rules / Info for New Members

Information on how to register an account.
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How to Register A New Account & Rules / Info for New Members

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1.) Click the "Register" link on the main page of the forum.

2.) Fill out the fields including your chosen username, email address (make sure it's valid! you will need to verify your email address before being able to login!), password and other settings.

3.) Read the rules:


Drink Deeply and Dream is now and has always been dedicated to helping, connecting and educating people who LIVE WITH their vampirism as opposed to people who want to live "like" a fictional character, wanna-be dress-up vamp, or fashion/scene lifestyler. While all are welcome to join in on our discussions, we will never waver in that purpose and we will not bow down to anyone's mold of what the board should be. We deal in real topics, real issues and down-to-earth, common sensibility. Drama is not only not welcomed, it's not tolerated. We don't deal in politics, scenes or organizations. There's more then enough places on the net for that kind of melodrama and ego-stoking. We've never been out to be "cool" or "popular" just honest and realistic. This is who we are and this is what we do.


DDD is a place meant to be open to all to converse and share their thoughts. It's meant to be "neutral" (meaning I don't care what other groups/houses/courts/organizations/covens/etc you're part of, in here, there are NO politics and there is NO discrimination) This forum does not discriminate against any gender, race, religion, etc. *however, you do need to be of legal age and/or have a parent/guardian permission to be here as per the terms of the legal agreement here

The guiding rule on DDD is Play Nice. Violate this rule and you will be banned.

Other rules tend to be common sense:
--Don't spam.

--Don't use pornographic materials/images/etc.

--Don't attack/threaten/ridicule anyone

--Don't post your topic in each forum - post it once and if it's not in the right place, an Official will move it. Not sure? Read the descriptions. Still not sure? Ask an official in the For Contacting Board Officials forum

--Don't post personal information that can lead someone to your physical location. Respect the privacy of others as well.

-- No requests for off-board contact of ANY sort. This includes requests for people to email you, meet locals in your area, etc.

Apparently some people have come through here and think that they can get away with saying anything they want because of our policy to allow uncensored speech. Problems start when these people take it to the extreme and disrupt the nature of this forum. So, once and for all, let me make it VERY clear the following:

The Administration can and will at it's discretion, ban any member who is deemed to be a disruption to the forum, including, but not limited to, excessive rudeness, hostility, vulgarity, and attempts to interrupt the flow of the board. The Administration does not need to warn such individuals prior to banning and removal. The Administration can and will do so as it pleases in their opinion to be in the best interest of the board. The Administration runs this forum with a desire for fairness but in the end, has final say. If you do not find this acceptable, please find another board now. The Administration works hard here and will not put up with bullshit because some poster feels they have a "right" to be an <System Message>: If I can't say anything nice I shouldn't say anything at all.

As always, members are welcomed to discuss this or any policy of the forum, but the Administration does reserve the right to final decision and rules for this board.

Thank you.

Answers to some commonly asked questions.

Why can't I edit my post?
Because people abused the excrement out of it. Someone would post something, get a bunch of replies, then totally change their post. Or, they'd delete their entire message. Either way, it would render the topic broken.

No one except the Administration has editing rights. I will NOT reinstate it so don't ask. Use the "preview" button when you think you're done writing your post or reply and READ OVER what you wrote for clarity and completion BEFORE hitting "submit."

Why can't I have a signature?
We used to have them, then a software glitch ate them. The newer version of the software would allow me to reinstate them, but honestly? The board is more streamlined and less cluttered without them. I kinda like them gone. I don't foresee bringing them back anytime soon. It lent itself to a lot of abuse as well.

Why can't I use font colors, styles, sizes or other changes in my posts?
Because it's chaotic and makes for a mess. We want things to be neat, tidy, and most of all - readable around here. Having things uniform and legible helps ensure we all can have an enjoyable experience and fully comprehend the content of the posts without getting hung up on hundreds of different colors, sizes or styles. You lose the point of the posting - the words themselves and what the poster is saying - when you start making things so messy. It is NOT permitted to change your font color, size or font style. Do not break up your posts into dozens of line breaks* or run it on without any paragraphs either. Just type - with proper grammar and spelling! - and let the board format your message to the theme and style standards of the template we're using. It just makes it easier on all of us.
*The only exception to this is of course if you are posting a poem in the Words, Thoughts, Dreams forum, you can utilize more line breaks for dramatic purpose and structure of the poem.

Why can't I use "net speak" or abbreviations like "ur" or "2nite" in my posts?
Besides the fact it looks absolutely idiotic to write out posts composed of a handful of letters rather than full, English words, the main reason it's important to use proper English grammar and spelling is because we have members from all around the world. Many people here speak English as a second (or third) language. By using proper grammar and spelling, we can improve communication and understanding.

Additionally, it's important to realize that what may be acceptable in cell phone text messages is not acceptable in mature, business transactions and it's just a good habit to get into for the future. Typing properly will make you more attractive to potential employers and shows a level of intelligence not found often enough these days.

Why can't I post my email address/twitter/IM/myspace/etc. contact information?
We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for any requests for off-board contact due to the potential dangers and legal ramifications of minors on the board. We can not permit any possible risk to minors encountering dangerous people, sexual predators or other risks through this site. Given the already "fringe" topics that are discussed on the site, we must, at all times, be vigilant about ensuring the safety of our guests and members.

It is also important not to attempt to circumvent this rule by posting leading questions about where people live in an attempt to gain local contacts or off-board meetings. Such posts will be edited and locked and posters can be banned.

Why can't I post links to other [vampire/otherkin/related] sites/resources?
People may not link to other sites due to the fact we do not have any affiliation with other sites and I do not want any mistaken association or support of linked sites. It opens the door to potential legal issues if someone links to a site condoning illegal activities, dangerous viewpoints or such because then someone can say DDD is an accomplice to that and someone performing illegal activities suggested on the site got to that site from here. While not all other sites are bad, I can't control what's said on every page and so it's best to not take the risk at all. (You may link to a reference site such as WedMD, or NIH, etc. that is a known and validated public reference source.)

Additionally we have a zero tolerance spam policy. We do not allow any self-promotion links or advertisements.

Why can't I discuss blood drinking/blood letting/cutting/blood extraction/etc. on the boards?
Again, there's too much danger and risk of safety issues, legalities of various state and federal laws as well as the risks and dangers that minors might read and/or try such information. I don't ever want to endanger someone because they read it here.


Wondering what this is all about? What we talk about?

Think you may be a vampire? Don't know what a vampire is?

Want to be a vampire? Want to know a vampire?

Curious about the legends? Want to know the reality?

Please start by reading the main site

There are dozens and dozens of articles, essays, Frequently Asked Questions, and information gathered and written over the last four years there. They will answer things like the following:

Can I become a vampire?
What is a vampire?
Are vampire like Anne Rice/Dracula/Vampire: The Masquerade (V:tM)?
What are common health problems with vampires?
What does this (insert trait) mean?
What do these dreams mean?
What is a Psy/Psi/Psychic vampire?

And many, many more. The domain is updated regularly with key information from discussions on the forum, revisions and updates to medical information available, and personal experiences over the years. It is truly a complete resource for everyone - new to vampires/vampirism to those who have been involved with vampires/vampirism for years.

The forum is a place for interactive discussions above and beyond the general learnings already presented on the site.

Additionally, when you post, please make the title a clear indication of your topic - avoid general names like "questions" which are vague and may limit your response. Please pay attention to the forum you post in as well - each one has a detailed description - to ensure you get appropriate replies.

If you post a topic and it is no longer there - please check to see if it's been moved to a more appropriate forum. The board Officials work hard to keep order and in a board this large, that's no easy task. Respect them and their decisions.

Above all, remember the rule is Play Nice. We can disagree with each other, but do not attack each other. This has kept the forum an open place for everyone for over a year and a half now. Let's keep it that way.

Welcome and I hope you find what it is that you seek.


Recently there has been an outbreak of un-niceness on the boards. This post is here to advise you of what needs to happen so this isn't repeated.


If you read something on the board that upsets you, have a personal gripe with someone, feel the need to flame, have nothing to add to the conversation at hand ... then don't bother posting at all or take it to email. If the only purpose of your post is to tell someone else what an idiot, moron, <System Message>: If I can't say anything nice I shouldn't say anything at all (or whatever) they are, then don't hit the post button. It's something that everyone's mother should have taught them ... if you can't say something nice don't say anything at all. Simple as that.

One line (and longer) posts that contain nothing but slams, flames, or insults and add nothing to the conversation will be deleted without notice. The persons responsible will be warned and with repeat behavior will subsequently be banned, and I don't care who you are or how long you have been a member. The "play nice" rule applies equally to everyone and in all areas of the boards.

This does not eliminate debate or disagreements on topics. What this will eliminate is insulting and childish behavior. It's unfortunate that people can't control their own behavior, but if I have to I will do it for them.

Read it ... live it ... play nice.

If you have nothing better than insults to add to the conversation, don't bother saying anything.

And if you don't like this ... tough excrement ... go elsewhere.


I thought this would be something that was a given, but apparently not after viewing a disgustingly vulgar personal image right now.


If your personal image, signature, or icon are of a pornographic nature and you post them on this site, know that I WILL BAN YOU FOR IT without further warning.

I will not have this forum degrade into a smut fest. This place is meant to be open for all people of all kinds and with a level of decency that excludes pornography.

Consider this a warning to everyone. I will NOT accept this on my forum, period.


Due to the fact that the Administration and Moderation team has been asked this question so many times that our fingers have indeed fallen off, I decided to type with a pencil in my mouth a small but useful tutorial on how to get yourself a user icon of your very own.

First of all you must have a picture.

To save a picture from the internet you must place the cursor on the picture and use your right click button. A menu will pop up. It will say "Save Picture As..." Make sure you know where you saved it on your hard drive.

All images on this board must be 100x100 resolution. To find out the resolution of your picture you right click on the picture and click on "Properties" It will be listed there. If your picture is more than 100x100 you need to shrink it down. If you have ACDSee you can do this through that. You can also do this through Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and various other graphics programs. If you do not have any of these, I suggest doing a search on free graphics resizing tools

Once you have the picture at the right size, you need to make sure it is compressed properly. Nothing is more annoying that a 100x100 image that is 200KB in size. ACDSee does this very well. If you don't have ACDSee, do a google search... To find a compression tool on google: ... gle+Search

You NEED to make sure it is in either a .jpg or .gif format. Your new tools should help you with this.

Once it is compressed properly (Under 40K is best), you will need to find a webhost.

What I suggest is, check with your ISP. If you don't know what your ISP is, it is the people who let you get online. You know the company you called when you signed up for the internet. Check with them and see if you have any free websapce with them. If your ISP does not have website hosting that is free, then do a google search for free image hosting. ... gle+Search

You can also try

If worse comes to worse you may have to purchase webspace. Some excellent website hosting companies are and [url=][url] You will have to purchase a domain name as well through these companies to use their services. Domain names run around $8 a year to $15 a year depending on the registrar. The hosting companies listed above are $5 a month for their smallest packages, which are both very healthy packages for the beginner.

Once you have webspace you will need to upload the picture. Make sure you read your webhosts site completely on this. Some offer a webbased way to upload a picture. Some require an FTP.
Once you have your picture uploaded you can type the URL address into your title bar. or

if it shows up then you are in business. If it does not, check the file path and make sure its not in a separate directory, if it is add it to the address above.

Once you have a URL address for your picture you then can go to your "Profile" on the forum. Its a the top of every page.

Once in your control center click on "Edit Profile"

Once you are in there enter the URL of your Image in the area that says "Personal Photo URL" click the check box underneath it.

Then save.

It should work.

If it does not, I don't know what to tell you. Try doing a google search.

One last warning. Do NOT steal other peoples bandwidth. Bandwidth theft is when you go to a persons website that is NOT your own and getting the URL of a picture on their website and then entering that URL in the picture box on the forum. It is considered theft. You can be prosecuted for it. When you do this it takes away from the person who is hosting the pictures resources that they are PAYING for. You are costing them money. Not only that but they can replace the picture on you to something completely unpleasant, that you will not like.


4.) Answer the anti-spambot questions. The code is No Sparkle Click Submit and check your email. Click the link in your email to confirm your account.

5.) New users have limited access.

6.) Additionally, your fist post will NOT be visible until a board official approves it. Be patient and do not post the same thing several times. We will get to it as time permits. Obvious spammers and trolls will be deleted and banned without approval. Anyone posting just to be hostile, or in violation of the rules in anyway can and will be banned without approval.